fitness with us again

Finally, a high intensity, total body workout where music and moves are truly in sync. You can lead the way by becoming one of our very first instructors.


This is what you train for

In an intensive 1-day training, you’ll learn everything you need to know to teach a STRONG by Zumba™ class.

The science behind high intensity cardio and bodyweight training

How to combine moves and patterns with perfectly synced music

The unique STRONG by Zumba™ progression system to increase intensity

Physiology, bio-mechanics, movement fundamentals and injury prevention

Expand your class offerings.

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This is how you succeed

As a STRONG by Zumba™ instructor, you get ongoing support to keep your classes packed and guide your students to achieve their most ambitious fitness goals.

Bring your skills to the next level.

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As with all high level fitness trainings that require high exertion and body demand, we recommend you take additional fitness certifications to ensure safe fitness practice.

Music is the ultimate motivator

First, we revolutionized fitness by bringing dance (and fun!) into cardio fitness. Now, we’re revolutionizing high intensity training by syncing music and moves, delivering the most effective, total body workout in the industry. STRONG by Zumba™ comes to prove that when you want to train hard and see results quickly, music is, and always will be, the ultimate driving force.

Be one of the first STRONG by Zumba™ instructors.

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